32 years later…

Brad Muhlenbruck will be retiring after his 32 years teaching at CCAHS.


Shelby Moquin, Editor

There’s nothing like teaching your last year of high school in a pandemic. Brad Muhlenbruck has been teaching at Clear Creek Amana High School for thirty-two years, and after the 2020-21 school year, he plans to retire. And after his thirty-two years, Muhlenbruck has made a lifetime full of memories and lessons. 

I really enjoyed coming in each day and being able to interact with my students.  Watching them mature over the course of the year, and then being able to follow their careers after school,” commented Muhlenbruck. “I would like to think I have at least made a small difference in the lives of those who I have worked with.”

Muhlenbruck teaches some of the science courses you can take at CCAHS such as Chemistry and Physics. “It is very satisfying when a student who is struggling to understand a particular concept, and to observe them when the light finally comes on,” said Muhlenbruck. “I am sure this is the same feeling all teachers have when that occurs in their classroom.”

After he retires Muhlenbruck is not sure what he plans to do but is wanting to work on his house and possibly find a part time job. “I may even come back and sub here at the high school from time to time,” said Muhlenbruck. 

Muhlenbrucks wife, who also teaches at CCAHS, will continue teaching at the district. Muhlenbruck’s time at CCA will never be forgotten, both students and staff will miss him dearly and his absence in the district will be felt. Muhlenbruck thinks of all of his students as great “success stories” in his teaching career.