Welcome Willow Brack


Kristen Brack

Mr. Brack with his daughter Willow Brack.

Holly Adams, Reporter

Kristen went into the hospital on April 27th,  Wednesday, in order to be induced. They were scheduled to go into the hospital at 7:45 the next morning but were unable to. When they arrived at the hospital a doctor came out and told them that there are so many women in the labor/delivery room that the delivery of Willow would have to wait until Thursday evening. From that point, they were told they had to wait. They stayed as close to the phone as possible so they knew when they could come in.  

Kristen had such an adrenaline rush. Kristen has prepared all day and was ready for Willow. Since they were told that they had to wait for doctors to give the okay they went out for dinner, and then settled in for the night. Later after settling in Kristen got a phone call. “At 10:15, I got a phone call from the hospital asking me to come in, saying there was a room ready for me.”

To start the whole process Kristen went to start the induction process around 1:15 A.M around 9:18 the next evening Willow was here! Around 4:00 P.M the doctors came in and broke Kristen’s water. Shortly after that, the contractions started coming. After Kristen received the epidural she tried to get a little rest. Later at 7:30, the nurses came into the room, and they started practice pushes that way they knew what to expect. An hour and a half later Willow was welcomed into the world. 

“I remember the details of the steps of labor very clearly. We are so grateful that labor progressed as quickly and as well as it did.”

Both Kristen and Brack had a special role in bringing Willow to the world. During that time Brack was there to help deliver as well as support Kristen in any way that he could. After Willow was born Brack cut the umbilical cord. Mr. Brack also thought about keeping the placenta in order to study it for science purposes. 

From the beginning (induction) to the end (live birth) it was 21 hours. The active labor was about an hour and 19 minutes. 

The doctors did not have any concerns, because they knew that Kristen was going to get an epidural due to it being in her birth plan. “I did not elect to have a natural birth. The epidural helped immensely with the pressure/pain.”

In the beginning, there were mixed emotions. Kristen felt nervous and scared to death about the process in general because she didn’t know how bad her pain levels would be and how the whole process would pan out.

“Things went as planned for the most part! We just didn’t expect her to get here so quickly!”