Navigating war as a mother

Isabelle Moony, Reporter

Having a baby requires a lot. Hours of attention and enrichment, proper nutrition,  appropriate amounts of rest, and medical attention at times. Babies spend their days crying, laughing, pooping, or sleeping; being a parent is not an easy job. 

Refugees and immigrants are still a relative issue, with immigration rates constantly going up. 

 Immigrants and refugees have to deal with crossing borders, and that alone is difficult. Immigrants have to transport themselves, and belongings across a border, while trying to stay as healthy as possible. Although crossing a border can come with language barriers, financial issues, and festering medical injuries. 

Immigrants and refugees that have a family or children to care for and take with them is an impressive process. Immigrants who have young children still have to give attention and enrichment, proper nutrition, rest, and medical attention. Families that are immigrating also have the threat of getting separated at borders, or even losing custody.   

Ukraine the mother of a 17 year old daughter, Yelyzaveta, lost custody of her at the United states border after getting separated at the southern California border (Montoya-Galvez). After Yelyzaveta was taken into custody by the US, she was transferred to a New York shelter (Morrissey). At the time, Yelyzaveta was told it was going to be weeks until reunified with her mom (Morrissey). This is just one of the examples of recent unfairness and discrimination twards immagrints and refugees. 

Both of these tasks alone are difficult jobs, having to manage both of them is something that the majority of the population cannot manage. The thousands of immigrants and refugees have to work hard, not only for themselves but also for their families.