Tackling the Beast of the past

The cover art of Behind Closed doors.

Daniella DeChristopher

The cover art of Behind Closed doors.

Holly Adams, Page Editor

When you hear your friends saying all of the good things about their family, did it ever occur to you that they are only telling the good parts? Not all families are as flawless as they seem.

 The author Daniella DeChristopher wrote the book, Behind Closed Doors. Daniella wrote the book because she wants to show that not all families are flawless. While the book does go over tough subjects, this is also for readers to realize they are not alone. 

This is a true story about an Italian catholic family that comes to America on vacation. During their stay, the family decided that they would not return. The youngest daughter is unwed and is found to be pregnant; because of that news her family decides to disown her.  17 years old and taking care of her baby, she decides to leave her little girl at a random home. 

There are a few things that present themselves when writing a true story. When someone writes a true story, they are wanting to share their life in order to inspire others. Daniella adds some of her darkest secrets in the book. Even the ones that she had not shared with her closest friends.


 “It has taken me a lifetime to find the courage to share my story, but my need to help others outweighs my need to continue to keep my past a secret.” 

When she wrote the book she was focused on helping others even if it would be just a single person. Since the book was published in 2017 around 45 people have reached out to Danella. The messages spoke about how much the book connected to the real life of the reader. Because this has affected so many people Daniella finds it comforting that her book gives hope to other people. “ There are no words to describe how happy it makes me!”

Growing up, Danella was insecure and often too embarrassed of the child she was. Because of that, she often would not share her story out of fear of what others would think. “I felt ashamed and I was worried they would think less of me.” Thinking like that made her think about her mysterious real life. “After all, if my parents didn’t love me, how could anyone else?”

There have been many ways that publishing the book has helped Danella. Writing the book was a great way for Danella to relieve the stress. “I finally told the world the truth about my not-so-perfect life.” The fact that she held it in for so many years, but wanted to impact others she came up with the courage to share it with the world. “Keeping it to myself all those years was very painful. Putting it out there for everyone to see gave me closure and helped me find peace.”

Danella wants everyone to know that you are not alone. There are so many people that see darkness and don’t know what to do. We all are going through a lot, not a single person should be alone. This book is a great read for all those who need hope to share their own stories.