Is there an issue with the 5-second rule?

Ella Stineman, reporter and web contributor

There are many issues with humans and the 5-second rule: let’s get into it! Before jumping into talking about if there is an issue with the 5-second rule lets get a better understanding of this rule, where did it originate? Even though there is no clear origin of the 5-second rule, there are many incidents that have been thought to lead humans to grasp the idea of dropping their food. Science Friday posted an article about Paul Dawson and Brian Sheldon’s book disclosing “food prepared for Khan was so special that it would be good for anyone to eat no matter what.” In essence, this idea was stating that regardless of wherever the food was placed and/or landed, it was still considered edible for the highest and lowest ranking citizens alike.


While one might now have a better understanding of the origin of the 5-second rule, there is also the medical side that needs to be considered. Clemson News posted an article about food safety and Dr. Paul Dawson says, “If you eat food that has been dropped on the floor, your chances of getting sick are pretty high.” This means that it sounds like if you eat food off the floor (depending on the cleanliness of the floor) there is a high chance of you catching a sickness from the food dropped on the floor.