Our Yearbook


Yearbook staff Emma Mathis, Lexie Wilikins, Emily Rundell, and Madison Serovy work hard on this year’s yearbook.

Abby Detert, Journalism Student

The yearbook is trying to feature more people in the yearbook this year so they are emailing people surveys to see if they want to participate. These features could have to do with anything, from how many piercings you have to how much caffeine you have in a day. They are really looking for answers and people’s opinions or perspectives to show their feelings towards certain things going on at our school. 

By the middle of the year, they should have a draft done to see what they want to keep and change, and at the end of the year, when the yearbook comes out they want it to be one of the best yearbooks that they have ever made.

The students will get their news from the school and the students. A major piece of where all the news is going to occur will be in the graphic arts room because that is where the students make the yearbook, so that is where the students will tell others news and make everything happen. 

The students have a lot to do in order to accomplish this goal. They have to reach out to students in the school and communicate promptly. They also need to get photos of students, either taking them on their own or having students sending them in. And they need to have all of this finished by the end of the year even with the COVID debacle. 

The virus has been a major problem for everyone. Especially having to do with communication. Communication doesn’t just have to go through the normal classes but also through AM class students and PM class students. But even through this struggle the Yearbook is still trying to make this yearbook the best one yet.

Students are guaranteed  to see themselves in the yearbook at least once or even more, depending on their after school life with the school. And besides that, this is one of the few things that help people remember everyone that is in their high school and their memories from high school that they might look back on in the future.