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CCA Podcast Section 1

Section 1, NFL: Monohon (Tyler Henderson feature)
CCA Podcast Section 1

For this year’s very first section, we are joined by former cohost of the NFL section last year Tyler Henderson (He will introduce himself) to once again talk about, you guessed it, the NFL. Now unfortunately I forgot about our recording time right before the first game of the season but that might be alright now because we get full weeks of games we can break down. Instead of breaking down every game which would take forever, we decided right before this to only run through the current division leaders and if we think they can stay that way following the end of the season. Starting with NFC the East is being led by the Cowboys, now I think they actually have a chance to make a long run. They are dominant right now and even with the injury today of Trevon Diggs, I think they will be fine. Next up is the West and the newly 3-0 49ers are in the lead. With no personal bias, I think they are way above the rest of their division. With a really strong win tonight they are looking up right now. Now the North and Green Bay but they could easily be interchangeable with a diverse division. Now onto the weakest division in my opinion the south with the Falcons ahead. Really young teams in the division but I think the Buccaneers will be able to get through to the top with an unexpectedly good Baker season. Now with the AFC. I think this division is far stronger than the NFC, they have more power and more contenders as of now. In the east, the Dolphins are currently sitting first. And they are in a tough division, with a nickname of Legion of Zoom I don’t foresee them not leading at the end. West sits the Raiders which I think is absolutely no way gonna stay with the Chiefs sitting right there. North again has a pretty tough division with the Ravens sitting atop right now. I think that will stay with a possible Bengals season comeback. Lastly sits another rough south division in the Jaguars and with how bad the division is I don’t see a world where they don’t land on top.

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