Where is the lack of maturity leading this school to?

(Picture of the school)

(Picture of the school)

Ella Stineman, Web Contributor

Teachers dread coming to school to the point some are thinking of quitting, many people in this school have to work harder than required whether they’re a student, a teacher, etc., and many students dislike their learning environment. These various issues seem to have one main thing in common, they all root in the lack of maturity that some seem to inhabit.

On the outside, CCA is the high school to be at, as there are many opportunities, various out-of-school activities, a great fine arts program, and so much more. An anonymous Freshman even reported on a website called Niche that “CCA is overall a great school.” From the looks of it, nothing but positive things were being said about our school online.

Recently, however, this school has not been living up to its full potential as many students are cutting classes, being disruptive during classes, and just overall doing things they shouldn’t be doing. Not only are people acting immature in school, but they’ve also been acting this way at school-supported events as well, giving CCA a not-so-welcoming reputation. This behavior is well showcased at the girl’s state basketball game as many CCA students in the student section took it upon themselves to be just downright disrespectful to the referees. Thus the student section had to be removed.

Not only is the immature behavior of this school reeking but so is the trash all over the school in hallways, bathrooms, classrooms, etc. Teachers and students along with the Janitors find themselves during the day picking up trash that did not belong to them. English teacher Pete Huch says that he is “continuously picking up wrappers and trash in my (his) room and in the hallway”, which he shouldn’t have to be doing in the first place. It has gotten to the point where we can’t even have doors on the bathrooms because some are too irresponsible and need to be watched at all times to make sure they are not doing things they shouldn’t be doing. 

Freshman Lili Nandell says that the lack of maturity could have come from “missing important stages of school due to “COVID-19” but I don’t think that is enough of a reason. What have we students done? Teachers can only do so much and we can’t expect a difference without doing anything. Right now this school is going in the wrong direction and if we want to see a change in the direction we are going to have to stand up for what we think is right.