Roll Boats

Kasyn Vandeberg having fun with the
  Hick vs Cowgirl theme on 02/18.

Kasyn Vandeberg having fun with the Hick vs Cowgirl theme on 02/18.

Leigha James, Sports Contributor

As the hype surrounding school sports continues to grow and become more prevalent, students show up in droves to support their team; CCA’s student section is full of school spirit. I myself happen to be an avid attendee at the home basketball games and can say that the school spirit is out of this world!


In an interview with activities director Kurt Ronnfeldt,  I asked him how he felt about our school’s student section. “We have a very loud and enthusiastic student section. They can create a fun atmosphere for games/meets.  They can also impact the game/meet with their energy which is an advantage for our teams.”

“Schools can always use more spirit.” Ronfeldt continued.  “I would love to see the bleachers filled on game/meet nights.  I would love students engaged in the game/meet from start to finish with positive energy.” I totally agree with Ronnfeldt here. CCA needs to step it up with the spirit. We all have friends who play on our school’s sports teams, so why don’t we show our support by going out and cheering them on while they play/compete?

Ronnfeldt was then asked, “Do you think CCA has good or poor sportsmanship?”, he then responded with,  “The overwhelming majority of our students exhibit good sportsmanship. The negative behaviors are generally from a very small number of students seeking attention.” Finally, the last question I had for Ronnfeldt was, “How do you think we as students could improve the student section?”, “I believe the focus of our student section should be to cheer on the Clippers, not directed at cheering against the other team or the officials.”

I then wanted to get some answers to questions from a student’s point of view, since this is about the student section. Some things they had to say about our school’s student section is that “More people should show up and be louder to support our teams”. Others commented,  “I think the student section is a lot of fun and it’s a great environment during all of the games,”, and “I think if we had some better themes and even more people showed up, that would improve the student section a lot. That would also improve how the teams play because they are influenced by the fans.”  The students make up the biggest part of our supporters for our CCA Clippers. I am glad that more people have started to go to the games and participate in the themes.

I am sad to see the basketball season come to a close, but I can’t wait for the spring sports we have coming up next.