Math help, volunteering, and making connections at the CCAHS!

Jackson Schloss tutoring during Clipper Learning Time

Anisa Rachman

Jackson Schloss tutoring during Clipper Learning Time

Anisa Rachman, Editor and Cheif

Looking for more help in math? A new system here at the CCAHS has recently started up this month that will be used to tutor any student looking for extra help in math. The system will be run by Shannon Reisinger, a counselor here at the CCAHS, with the tutors consisting of National Honor Society students. Tutoring sessions will be held in the PBL room during CLT during the week.

According to Reisinger, this idea came about after students came to the counselors looking for more help in math. In the past, NHS students also had emailed the counselors asking for volunteering hours; this sparked the idea to meet both groups’ needs by merging the two. Shortly after, Alyssa Amelon, the new NHS sponsor, and Reisinger worked together to put this system together.

As of right now, the program is small to ensure the needs of the students are met. Tutors are assigned specific days of the week and as students request help they will also be added to the schedule. “We’re hoping that the two groups will make some connections not just with math, but more connections between peers in general,” stated Reisinger.

Although the new math tutoring system was put in place to help both students struggling with math and NHS students, this could also be a way to help bridge the gap between student cliques and get more of the student body out of their inner bubble. Olivia Romero, a junior here at the CCAHS also agrees with this idea, “Having this math system in place is a great way to connect students through their schooling.” This could potentially expand culture here at the CCAHS and bring a sense of togetherness.

Many students are also in favor and are excited about the math tutoring system. “With the amount of students entering the high school in accelerated math classes, having a math tutoring program is an amazing opportunity to show off the environment that CCAHS has to offer,” Romero articulated. “It also gives teachers a break from being constantly swarmed with students to help during CLT.”