Struggles of a CCA Swimmer

Syd Granquist, Content Editor

Were you aware that Clear Creek Amana high school had a girls’ swim team? If not, as swimmers, they can see why you may not have heard about their work. The appearance of swimming in CCA school media is far too unrepresented in comparison to other sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, golf, etc. Many people probably think the middle school swim team is the high school swim team. The school swim team is a part of a joint team with Williamsburg High School, which is most likely why the CCA  swim program is so scarcely discussed. 

Since August 1st, the  5 CCA girls, Grace Huch, Kya Dobesh, Lucy Kulbartz, Jaymie Sherlock, and Sydney Granquist from swimming have been working hard, but has that been acknowledged? Sure, we are mentioned from time to time, but there are other sports emails sent out than any swim emails. When our former swim coach Margret Trumpold retired, our new coach Mindy Wuebker was never mentioned. 

Recently, a CCA swimmer Spoke shortly after swimming in one of their events and felt that they weren’t appreciated enough or like they weren’t a part of the team because they were not getting cheered on as the Williamsburg girls do. 

For years transportation has been a problem for the CCA swimmers, not only do they have to find rides to get to Williamsburg, it takes 20 minutes to get there on the interstate and almost 40 on the back roads. After 2 years of trying, fellow swim families finally convinced our district to give the CCA swimmers a van for easy transportation, save money on gas, and get rid of the hassle of getting to practice on time. Perhaps more people would join the swim girls now that there is easy transportation. It would be wonderful if posters for the swim team were hung up around the school, if more emails with more details were sent out, and if Swimmers at CCA  were acknowledged more. For all of the hard work, they put in.