Poetry in the school system, is it worth learning?

A reference to Shakespeare with two red leatherbound notebooks and a quill

Joey Coburn

A reference to Shakespeare with two red leatherbound notebooks and a quill

Johanna Coburn, Editor

Poetry has been taught in the school system for hundreds of years when Thomas Jefferson proposed to create a publicly supported school system in 1779. Whether it’s Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, or even today’s poetry through songs, stories, and history- the real question is, Should poetry still be taught in the school system today? 

Britannica defines poetry as “literature that evokes a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience or a specific emotional response through language chosen and arranged for its meaning, sound, and rhythm”. These could be songs, stories, or rhymes, all personalized to each writers’ content and then published for the world to see. In a way, poetry is a language to some and a gateway for others to express their feelings and opinions.

I believe that poetry should be taught because it’s another important part of literature. It teaches students how to write in multiple ways and helps us express ourselves on paper more,” said sophomore Amoni Alsberry, “Teaching poetry would also teach a little history, such as the famous William Shakespeare, and he’s one of many poets.” 

Alsberry believes poetry is worth learning because it teaches history not just literature. It also teaches students how to write freely and in their own style. Without poetry, students may struggle creating their own form of writing.

Senior Ference Murda, “I think it should less be taught about stuff that happened 100 years ago or 200 years ago; about poets that are dead, or poetry that is dead. I think it should be evaluated or taught on poetry that we have today such as songs, lyrics, and rap artists that are of importance to us, that talk about problems of our lives and our time.” 

Poetry does not just come in forms of old literature. Rappers, like Eminem, include events in today’s world, his life, passions, and motivations. This is inspiring for our generation of writers, readers, and music listeners. Teaching today’s poetry would be more interesting and beneficial to students. 

Some students believe that poetry should not be taught, either because they aren’t interested, or because they simply may not care. It can come off as boring or drawn out to most students at CCA because older forms of poetry were written differently than what they wish to learn. The end of the line is, even though students may not wish to learn this subject in school, poetry can still be beneficial to our lives.