CCA helping the community!!

The collection of collected food drive items in the middle school cafeteria.

Jill Santee

The collection of collected food drive items in the middle school cafeteria.

Holly Adams, Reporter

“I donated about 30 canned food items, and I would want to double it every single time!” Clear Creek Amana Middle School 8th grader Hayden Bailey stated. The middle school has done an incredible job with setting up and completing this project. This project affected the hearts of many of the students who participated.  Many people donated to this cause, and they all enjoyed the project. The can drive ran for the month of November and then ended. The MS Student Council started this little project. This project took place all over the school, and Mrs. Albert had this to say about the process. “Each homeroom at the middle school collected nonperishable food items and built a structure with their items.” The reason was to help fill our community food bank. Mrs. Albert was impressed by how much that had collected. “We collected so much that we didn’t even count.”


The staff:

Mayla Morlan- 6th grade

Olivia durkin-6th grade

Broden Bullis-6th grade

Courtney Williams- 7th grade

Ivy Courtright- 7th grade

Anabel Espinoza-7th grade

Carley Nash- 7th grade

Hayden Bailey -8th grade

 Rachel Mundt-8th grade


colin Root-8th grade


During the process, 7th grader Ivy Courtright had an astonished face when she saw the amount that people donated. “I was very glad and grateful when I saw so many people donate; I was blown away!” 

It wasn’t just these students who were working on the project; the entire middle school chipped in. 7th grader Courtney Williams was astonished by this, “I think that it was great to see how much food everyone brought in and how each homeroom was working together.”

Many students like 7th grader Anabel Espinoza, did this to help others, “To donate food to those who need it?” There were many reasons why they did this drive and Rachel Mundt thought that it was fun and serious. “We wanted to do a fun homeroom contest and we thought it was a good idea to help out the food pantry around Thanksgiving.”


If you like projects like this, participants of the project encourage you to help the community as well. Carley Nash, a 7th grader at the CCAMS, stated, “ I love this project and want to encourage you all to do something to help. It’s awesome to see how much food people will put in to help others.” You may not realize it but what you do impacts others.

 6th grader, Mayla Morlan says, “Some advice is just to start doing it and then it can go a long way.”

All of these students would like to encourage you to do something to help out your community. 6th grader, Olivia Durkin liked the process and would “definitely!!” do this again. looking at the whole project and other projects that have been done, you need to prepare yourself. Broaden Bullis says: “Be prepared to sacrifice time”. Projects like helping people out in your community aren’t really something to throw around, this impacts them as much as it impacts you. Collin Root, an 8th grader,  advises to “Keep on informing people and make people get excited.”


All of these students did an incredible job. Whenever you get the chance to do something that will impact others for more than just a minute, take the time to do a good job. We all need help once in a while. 


They donated the food to the Tiffin Food Pantry located between the middle school and the high school. There are ways that you can get involved even if you are not a part of the middle school. “Spread the word about our amazing food pantry for those in need.” while they did not count any of it they had an estimation of, “hundreds and hundreds of nonperishable items.”