Mask Madness

Clear Creek Amana Board  of directors discusses mask mandate issues

Isabelle Mooney

Clear Creek Amana Board of directors discusses mask mandate issues

Isabelle Mooney, Reporter

At CCAHS the majority of students choose not to wear masks, and don’t want masks mandated. Covid has been breaking out in CCAHS, something should be done to slow down covid breakouts. September 14th, 2021, was the first official meeting discussing the mandate, unfortunately we did not get a final answer. The board decided not to mandate masks to see what the federal judge ruling is so we don’t keep flip-flopping between mandating masks, to keep consistency for students. 

Most students The Anchor surveyed had an indifferent mindset or weren’t sure what to think. I wear a mask personally, but there are some fair reasons for not wearing one too,” said freshman Shelby Heisler. A resounding amount of students did not want to wear masks, they said masks were uncomfortable, distracting, or just don’t like wearing them. 

I personally don’t wear my mask every day; I just try and do what’s most comfortable at the time. I feel safe wearing my mask and wouldn’t mind having rules enforcing it. As it was said before, there are some fair reasons to not wear a mask; but I fully support wearing a mask for safety. 

School Board President Jennifer Mooney weighed in on the school board’s difficult decision, “This is a difficult topic for the school board. As a school board member, it’s our responsibility to provide a safe and exceptional educational environment for every student. We are also tasked with listening to our community and families as we make these decisions.” As a student, I’m glad that the Board President is looking out for students’ comfortability and safety. 

The School Board is working hard to make a plan that is safe and accessible for everybody. The challenge isn’t only making an informed healthcare decision, but also making a decision that the students and faculty can and will follow.