CCAHS Girls Golf: Above the par


Photo by Cory Frauenkron

Claire Beitz, sophomore, pictured on the course.

Shelby Moquin, Editor

Spring sports are in full swing here in the Clear Creek Amana School District, including the girls golf team. Coached by Cam Stockman, a fitness teacher at CCAHS, the team has had to overcome and adapt to some challenges due to the pandemic, but now they are all ready to step back onto the course. 

When I started teaching here (2014), I was very excited to hear that the girls golf position was open,” commented Stockman. “I have a strong passion for golf, and to be able to help younger people pick up the game, and improve, seemed like a no-brainer to me. Not to mention, we play at Amana Colonies Golf Course, which I belong to, and love.”

The team is full of new and returning players, some of whom are seniors and will be graduating this spring, such as Ashlyn Pompo. 

“Weirdly this sport is super relaxing so this sport has actually taught me how to just let go and stop thinking,” explained Pompo. “If people know me they know I overthink everything and I mean everything and golf has honestly taught me to stop overthinking everything and to just let go and relax.”

Many members of the team are continuing to break their personal bests and records only weeks into the season. Member Meg Berkland won a runner-up medalist honors at an invitational in West Delaware on April 26th and Ellie Hagen won a runner-up medal against Center Point-Urbana at the Amana Colonies Golf Course a week earlier. 

“My favorite memories are when the girls shoot their personal best on a single hole, or a round, and are excited about it when they tell me,” said Stockman. 

Stockman hopes to grow the golf program within the next couple of years, wanting to get  more students to participate. 

However, Pompo does have one regret about joining the golf team. “I am honestly just disappointed and sad that I didn’t decide to do this sport earlier, but I’m also upset to not be able to be with these girls everyday at practice after I graduate.”

Some advice Stockman offers to students who are apprehensive about going out for golf is, “Come out and give it a try! I would advise them to be patient, as golf isn’t easy, and takes lots of practice…but we will help you along the way!”