Shining on Stage During Shrek The Musical


Shelby Moquin & Anisa Rachman, Editor & Reporter

After two years off the stage and two years in the making, the lights are ready, the stage is set, and the actors are ready to break a leg. This year’s musical at CCAHS, Shrek, will be directed by Tracy Williams, Tom Milligan, Deb Kennedy. It had originally been set to be released back in 2020; however, due to COVID-19 it was postponed. Finally, after two years in the making, Thursday, April 15, 2021 is the official opening night for the musical. While it has taken some time, many fans of the musical believe it is worth the wait. 

Even with the challenges of the musical, Williams and many of the other participants in the play have made great memories in the meantime. Williams says her favorite memories from this musical were made during the funny moments though the rehearsals. 

“From Gingy’s torture scene, to Donkey’s comedic lines and actions, to Lord Farquuad scenes, to Shrek and Fiona burping and farting song, to the Fairytale characters, to the Duloc dancers and we can’t forget the scenes with the Guards. Priceless,” Williams noted. 

This year, Alex Barloon, CCAHS senior, playsLord Farquaad and a Knight in Barloon has had two previous years of theatrical experience.“I always thought about trying the musical, but when it was announced to be Shrek I finally decided to give it a try.”

Barloon enjoys his time on stage and in rehearsals even though it’s not what he was normally used to before Covid. Despite the difficulties, this year’s show will be anything but lackluster. All cast members are performing on stage with specially designed masks to match their characters’ roles and keep them safe. 

Barloon’s character however requires him to act like he is three feet tall, meaning he is walking on his knees for the whole performance. Barloon says his costume is one of the major issues he has run into this year. 

“It feels like everytime I put it on something goes wrong. [However] It’s worth it to step around on my knees the whole show though.”

There are only 250 tickets per show. Shows are Thursday through Saturday, the 15th to the 17th. Thursday and Friday shows begin at 7:00pm and on Saturday there are two shows occurring at 2:00pm as well as 7:00pm. 

Williams has directed many shows in the past. Although she always has a great time managing the shows, she believes her favorite performance she has directed was Freaky Friday because of the music choice and the actors. She has declared it the most amusing show undoubtedly. 

Williams has always loved musicals and enjoys watching and directing them. “It is awesome to see the growth in a student from start to finish. It is a lot of hard work, but it is awesome to see them SHINE on stage!”

Williams voiced that the reason why she decided to become a musical theatre coach was because there were so many talented students here at CCAHS. She explained, “Musicals are a way for students to be able to express themself and become a part of a family. I am usually crying during the curtain call because I am so proud of their performances and I know this is the last time we will all be together.”