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CCA Podcast Section 2

Section 2 Slay the Spire and the Silent: William Mason
CCA Podcast Section 2

Welcome to my section was going to be covering slay the spire. Slay the spire is a deck building roguelike surrounding 3 different playable characters, each with their own playstyles and cards to choose from. These three characters go by the ironclad, silent, and defect. All cards are divided into three categories, skills, attacks and powers. Skills include all cards that draw cards, apply debuffs, or generate blocks. Attacks are all cards that deal direct damage and powers are cards that give you unique effects listed in the card.  First I’d like to dive into the Essentials. All characters have Strikes and Defends. These are basic cards that deal 6 damage or 5 blocks. Characters also start 2 or 3 additional cards and a relic special to them. Relics are split into 6 categories, event, shop, common, uncommon, rare, and boss relics. Common, uncommon, and rare relics are attainable through elite combats, chests, and events. Event relics can only be attained through specific random events that can be found depending on the act you are on. Shop relics are self explanatory and boss relics are only attainable after defeating the act one and two bosses. The game is split into 3 acts and there are three random bosses at the end of each act.

Act one has the easiest bosses in my opinion with The Guardian, Hexaghost, and Slime Boss. Act two holds the hardest bosses with the Bronze Automaton, The Champ, and The Collector. Act three bosses are more of a mixed bag with Donu and Deca, Time Eater, and Awakened One. Each act is randomized with different paths and with all the essentials cleared up let’s begin covering the silent. The silent starts with 2 additional cards along with ten strikes and defends split evenly along with the cards survivor and neutralize. She also starts with the ring or the snake which draws him two additional cards on the first turn of combat. The silent has many main builds but they will always include energy generation and card draw. A card I’d like to highlight is blade dance which is a card that almost always has a place in any silent deck. Blade dance is a skill that generates three shivs into your hand. On paper this effect isn’t much but combined with scalars and it can become extremely powerful late game. If you’d like to hear more in depth looks into the silence gameplay you can listen to the podcast on spotify.

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