The splendid Phantom of Opera

Fiona TePoel, Reporter

The OG cast of Phantom of the Opera 

    The Phantom of the Opera first came out on Broadway in 1988 starring Sarah Brightman( Christine Daae ), Micheal Crawford( The Phantom ), and Steve Barton( Vicomte de Chagny). Andrew Lloyd Webber Wrote the play for Sarah Brightman his then-wife most people think the inspo was from the book by Gaston Leroux but apparently he got it from a west end play that he went to with actual opera. Maria Bjornson designs the set and the costumes for the phantom of the opera based on her culture and when you look at phantom promotions you can see that the mask is a hole mask but they cut it up so the actor could show more expression on their face. I don’t remember what it called but you can watch the musical before the official opening Sarah Bight man’s understudy had to stand in for her because she apparently pretended to be sick but she apparently got mad that people really liked her understudy so she was miraculously OK the official opening night. The opening night was like a big thing because a lot of people wanted to hear Sarah Brightman sing because a lot just thought that she was a dancer but people were superseded that she could sing and the musical was a hit.

(Steve Barton and Sarah Brightman in the final scene)

The movie version 

Starring Gerard Butler as the Phantom, Emmy Rossum as Christine Daae, and, Patrick Wilson as Viscount Raoul de Chagny. The movie was always in the back of ALW’s mind he was going to make one with the OG cast of The Phantom of the Opera but after his divorce, from Sarah Brightman, the idea was scrapped. Until 2004 but a lot of people didn’t like Emmy Rossum’s age because she was 18 and her co-stars were in their 30th and when she was cast she was a minor. There were some problems in the movie when the Past the Point of no Return when he was wearing a domino mask and when Christine half of his face was deformed a lot of people don’t like it as a musical but liked it as a movie because it has “poor vocals” but it’s not evan that bad.