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Beetlejuice: The Musical

A picture of the set before the show started, by Syd Granquist
A picture of the set before the show started, by Syd Granquist

We all know about the movie Beetlejuice, correct? Did you know that there is a musical version of this beloved movie that is even funnier than the movie? Well, I recently had the opportunity to go see it in the Civic Center in Des Moines with my mother. 

My mother and I have been going to musicals all throughout the year, but this was my favorite out of all the musicals. My mom thinks that as well. It was so incredibly funny, with even more adult humor than the movie. Beetlejuice continually flirted with Adam Maitland, which I found hilarious. Delia, who is Lydia’s life coach, is also having an affair with Lydia’s father, she is a very whimsical woman, very connected with nature and she collects tons of crystals. Lydia is your typical angsty teen, with her heart set on her dad talking about her mother who had passed away.  The music is amazing, and the actors and actresses’ voices are impeccable. With Justin Collette as Beetlejuice, Isabella Esler as Lydia, and the rest of the cast with amazing voices, I was blown away. I may have cried a little bit when Lydia’s song “Dead Mom” was playing. It made me appreciate my mom more. I’ve always had a love for this musical, from the music to the acting, to the sets, I love it all. 

I was able to have a conversation with Ms. Isabella Esler after the show, and we talked about our love for the theater and how she was able to be a part of this show. My mom wanted to go get some merch but when we saw the line, we turned to each other and silently agreed we’d get some on Amazon.

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