Tears of the Kingdom; LEAKED!

Joey Coburn, Copy Editor

*Spoiler Warning- for upcoming release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom*


Shortly after the newest trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was released on February 8th, 2023- there was the release of the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Collector’s Edition. This included an ICONART™ Steel Poster, the game card, Pin set (4- pins), Steel Book, and an limited edition Artbook- containing over 200+ pages of Zelda art and design. The pages of the book less than a week later were found leaked on a Reddit post by an unknown username. These showcased many new outfits, inventions, and designs of the new game- exposing Nintendo’s secrets held back from the trailers. 

Why all the leaks/spoilers?

Back in December of 2022 the design for the Switch OLED in the Zelda realm was also leaked online showcasing the new white, gold, and green switch design. Many of these leaks have been incited due to Nintendo pressing back the release date of Tears of the Kingdom, originally planning to be released towards the end of 2022- the date was moved to 2023 causing an uproar in the gaming community. This meant a longer wait for all Zelda fans when they had already been waiting for so long. As Nintendo tried to hold fans at ease with new trailers, it wasn’t enough to hold back the storm they had created. From the switch design, to possible lego sets, and now photos of the limited edition book- all online for all to see. Nintendo has gone from total control of what’s being released to almost none at all. And with major spoilers circulating around, there’s no telling how the surprising/exciting aspect of the game might be anymore.

What the spoilers tell us about the game

Many new items, places, and outfits were the main focuses for people’s attention in the leaked book. Outfits such as a new blupee themed gear, bird-like costume that could give the possibility of flight, and even Zonai themed armor- sporting the bright red, blue-green, and gold. Additional items such as a backpack that can carry a korok, various paraglider designs, and a brand new dragon treasure chest design. This solidifies the possibility of Zonai and flight in concrete, furthering the excitement for the game in the Nintendo community. 

New trailer, new expectations

With flight being a main part of the game many questions were asked on how Link might even get up into the sky to explore the vast lands above. In the most recent Nintendo direct, a brand new trailer was released for the game. New monsters are given more insight, new mechanics and technology gets shed some more light, and a mysterious voice tops all of them off. What Zelda fans believe to be Ganondorf’s voice is first introduced in an overlay of a scene with what seems to be a large, fiery, three-headed drake- more or less some form of a hydra, standing atop the Great Bridge of Hylia. Ganondorf spoke, “Rise, rise my servants. Sweep over Hyrule. Eliminate this kingdom and her allies. Leave no survivors.” Because of this quote and other dark aspects of the trailer, many believe the game is centered around Hyrule’s end and downfall. Many scenes show the blood-moon high in the sky- and empowering many new or upgraded enemies to their new maximum potential. Monsters can be seen with new enlarged or different shaped horns, steaming with malice and dark power. 

Other upgrades can be seen to technology- new ways to travel across Hyrule, from ancient looking automobiles to hot air balloons (not powered with hot air- but the same green energy fueling all other technologies in the game). The Sheikah towers and shrines are no longer present; being replaced with board like structures for the towers, and new fallen rocks spiraling in the same green energy for shrines. Rune-like glyphs appear to be found as highlighted grass across all of Hyrule, seen next to crumbled structures also highlighted in the same fashion. 

Ganondorf back to rule again

The Demon King can be seen in many scenes seeming to regain his true power through the blood moon, moving stone and breaking buildings through the power of malice as he pulls Hyrule castle up into the sky. The Gerudo insignia can be found set upon his right shoulder when he’s lying on the pedestal- relating back to the history of Ganondorf through the ages. “Ganondorf was born a powerful Gerudo sorcerer, one of the human races of Hyrule. The Gerudo twin witches Koume and Kotake, were his surrogate mothers.The Gerudo are a race of all-female warriors and thieves, to whom only one male is born every century. Because of this, the male is by birthright the King of the Gerudo,” Zelda Wiki states. “Nabooru mentions that she is not following Ganondorf because he stole from women and children and even murdered people.Ganondorf uses his position to betray the King of Hyrule, as well as his cunning, manipulative skills, and mystical powers to gain entrance to the Sacred Realm, the abode of the Triforce. However, he does not obtain the full Triforce; he is left with only the Triforce of Power, which he uses to great effect in his conquest of Hyrule.”

Ganon has wanted to rule Hyrule for the longest time but was beaten time and time again through the Zelda storyline by Link and his friends- the protectors of Hyrule. Because of his royal background- his whole mission is to regain his right to the throne and rule Hyrule for himself in the darkness that has consumed him whole. His skeletal body is barely hanging onto any form of life- but has been powered by the evil of malice allowing the King of Darkness to rise again.

Parting Thoughts

The spoilers and leaks have been a surprise for some and an avoidance for most. Many people have different outlooks on if leaking in general is a good or bad idea- because sure, it hypes up fans- but in turn the franchise gets less and less surprises for the game itself. Nintendo specializes in the element of surprise for their games, keeping most of their game content under wraps for as much information they can hide- if they can. With all the information being given out without their permission, Nintendo is working hard to keep all of these photos off the web and avoid having spoilers for the game given out too early. 

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