Ky Maher, Reporter

For decades, the stories of Norman Baker at the Crescent Hotel have been told. With no living eyewitnesses to these stories, they were mere legends. It wasn’t until mid October of 2019 when actual proof of these stories was uncovered by the Arkansas Archeological survey team carefully uncovered hundreds of bottles of Baker’s “secret formula” as well as jars containing “medical specimens” that had been surgically removed from patients.

Scales said the ingredients of the elixir were revealed in a 1940 court case. He said it contained brown corn silk, red clover, ground-up watermelon seeds, peppermint, glycerin and carbolic acid. Documents indicate some patients were injected with the “cure” seven times a day. There are many reports of paranormal activity at the historic resort, located atop the Arkansas Ozarks, as “ America’s most haunted hotel.” At this hotel visitors say that they’ve seen a dark figure that has been seen recently in the morgue and there has been an increase in cold spots and reports of people being touched. You can find more about the stories about the hotel if you go to their website: – https://crescent-hotel.com.

If you find this story interesting and you find yourself wanting to go, luckily for you the Crescent hotel is a year-around attraction. I will be back next month with a new set of haunting legends to keep you interested in this subject.