Worth the wait

A restaurant review

Worth the wait

Taylor Dolezal, Reporter

On September 14th, it was a cloudy, dull day when I tried out a new restaurant with my sister and mom. It is a small Japanese establishment called “Sushiya” in North Liberty. They serve various types of sushi, soups, tofu, and more. They have a great selection of food for anyone’s taste. Although the food was delicious, there are a few critiques I have.

The wait for food was abnormally long due to the lack of waiters and waitresses.  As time passed, groups of people would walk into the restaurant.  Having to be seated in close quarters due to the establishment being on the smaller side. Although these groups weren’t very large, it still made the restaurant crowded and busy. 

Once we finally got our food, you could tell it was very well prepared. It looked delicious but didn’t have a particularly distinct smell. I had decided to try two new sushi rolls, the Spicy Salmon Crunch Roll and Unaky roll. Both were phenomenal. I had never eaten eel before which the Unaky roll contained and it was a lot better than I thought it was going to be.  After we finished the majority of the sushi, my mother was ready to leave.  We waited for the bill for about 18 minutes before even being able to leave.

Besides the wait for food and the bill, the experience was great.  It was a calm, and clean environment that made you feel safe. The prices of food weren’t too over the top and were affordable. I hope to go again and try new things.  You should try too! Would you visit this restaurant? What would you want to order?