How Reading Helps Children’s Brains Develop


Abby Detert, Reporter

Do you remember when you learned to read? Or the first time you heard a book read to you? How old were you? Were you too young to remember or were you already old enough to understand the book?

A lot of people learn to actually read once they start going to school and they continue to learn more words as they get older. This in reality shouldn’t be the case. According to Northfield Hospital and Clinics, children should start learning how to read or be read too often before they start school. This should happen because it helps brain development which helps children in school and in life as they continue to grow. 

According to NCBI, a website written by a range of accredited doctors to explain their research to others. First, it helps with your vocabulary and it helps you expand your vocabulary easier. It does this because you have already been expanding your vocabulary young and as it is known it is easier for underdeveloped minds to learn and comprehend information.

 Another way is that it helps your attention span. Since your attention span is on the book for an extended period of time it helps children keep their attention on things longer than they normally would. It can also help with children that have reading disabilities such as dyslexia. It helps children associate words and sounds together as well as helping them focus so they can read the words easier so that they have less trouble with them as they age and their vocabulary grows. 

Reading to your children at a young age can also help them disassociate. This can help children later in life when they get too overwhelmed or stressed. It helps them be able to disassociate without as much risk as just doing whenever you want. It helps because when you are reading and get into the book you unknowingly disassociate but you can always pull yourself back out. People that can’t do that have many problems that occur with disassociating later in life because of all of the risks that come with the ability. 

This is why you should read to your child regularly and teach them to read themselves so that they can continue to grow their mind and have school life come to them a bit easier. As of right now, so many kids struggle with classes because they don’t have a good attention span, or they struggle to understand things that their teachers or peers are talking about. Reading to them when they are younger helps them a lot in the long run. It helps kids grow their vocabulary, have a longer attention span, have a better understanding of life events, and reading in itself can help a lot of kids when they need a break. 

Because of these reasons scientists have encouraged parents and guardians to read to the children that they are taking care of. And they should so that they can help their child have an easier childhood and adolescence. It will also continue to help them once they reach adulthood. All in all, it is very important for parents to read to their children and also help them learn how to read at a young age.