How has pranking been brought to a new level?

Allergy caution sheet showing the importance of allergies.

Allergy caution sheet showing the importance of allergies.

Ella Stineman, Web Contributor

Irresponsibility is not a new concept; it has been a thing for generations and is constantly popping up unexpectedly. People have been seen as irresponsible in many ways, and one of these ways includes pranking. Pranking, in a basic explanation, is a practical joke, or is playing a trick, but depending on the situation it can be so much more.

In November 2018, three 7th-grade students sent their art teacher to the hospital. Being in the prime pranking age, these 7th graders thought it would be hilarious to smear bananas on her door being fully aware of her allergy to bananas. Little did they know that this “harmless” prank would send this poor art teacher into anaphylactic shock.

For such an offense many are asking, “How are these kids being properly disciplined?”. Abc News reported, “The three students were charged with assault in the juvenile court system, served probation, and sources told WSYX that they were transferred to other schools.”. The school hopes that even with the consequences set in place, this will be a teachable moment for everyone involved with life-threatening allergies and allergies in general.

Enough factual information has been said; how is this situation making others feel? I interviewed a staff member and a student from this very school district, and this is what they said.

Freshman Olivia Roling says “I think pranking can be fun for everyone when done correctly-” and that “This type of pranking was not done in such a manner and is completely unacceptable-”. Roling believes that pranking can be done in a playful way where no one can be seriously affected if done correctly. She also thinks that what these 7th graders did was unacceptable as she herself has never been involved in a prank “- almost killing another person.”. 

As we continue Middle School Art Teacher Nichole Beckley states that when it comes to pranking “ It depends.”. She says that pranks can be all good and fun if “both parties are willing participants-” but if “- pranks are more one-sided” then “That’s definitely not okay.”. Her thought process shows that pranks can be healthy and end in a good way with everyone happy if it is back and forth but if it is just one person doing it repeatedly it could be considered bullying and could cause the other person to get upset which could cause some ongoing problems for the future.

All in all, what these 7th graders did was totally and utterly unacceptable and for that, they had to learn that the hard way. Don’t be like these seventh graders and have to learn the hard way, be smart and think through your actions cause it could potentially save someone’s life.