Dahmer: The Backlash of the New Show


Syd Granquist, Reporter

If you haven’t already heard or seen it, Netflix released a new show called Dahmer- Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and boy has there been drama like no other. Some people are just now finding out about what Dahmer did, can you believe that? And just a few years ago people were dancing to the song Cannibal by Kesha on TikTok, that have the lyrics, “ Yeah, I’ll pull a Jeffery Dahmer.” While the song is great we shouldn’t use someone who had murdered and abused 15 men, two of which were 14 years old. Why have we suddenly decided to bring back his story? This is a man who killed, dismembered, drugged, and ate his 15 victims, and we are calling him hot? The families of the victims are disgusted by this and how it is being handled. Why can’t we let the victim’s families get away from it? Shouldn’t we let the victims rest after almost 30 years of bringing this back?