Covid-19 lunchtime at CCA

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Oh the happy holidays
December 3, 2020

The lunchroom with barriers pictured above.

CCAHS has been practicing a lot of different precautions since COVID-19 hit. Wearing masks, santising everything, and staying a distance away from other students in the classroom has become a commonplace amongst the school. Normally, lunch is a time for students to take a break from schoolwork and have a chance to wind down, but is that really the case anymore?


Students at CCAHS have expressed a number of different opinions on the setup of lunch tables in one way or another. In an anonymous survey conducted by the Anchor staff, one student replied, “I didn’t like it that much since we could barely hear each other” when asked about his/her initial reaction to the setup. Another student claims, “It doesn’t (bother me) because whoever put it together did a pretty good job in my opinion and I think it’s pretty safe.” 


Whether students believe the change is good or not doesn’t change the fact CCAHS staff put this plan in place. Why did they decide to do this? How did they plan the setup? In a brief interview with Mr. Potter, he explained, “We followed the direction given to us by the district Health Department.  This arrangement was their plan, and I am certain this was the direction they received from the State Health Department.”