Oh the happy holidays


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Naomee Cruz , Reporter

At least, it’s that time of year again. The smell of home cooked meals flooding the nostrils of neighbors nearby, the crisp, cold air of impending snow and falling leaves, lights decorating every house, apartment, and condominium on the block, the holidays. It’s the time of year most festive people look forward to, but with these trying times due to the virus, this year’s holiday season will for sure be unlike we’ve ever had.

The coronavirus has impacted a substantial number of families financially, mentally, and physically, which will most definitely change the way festivities are held this year. The winter holidays are supposed to be a time to come together with family and friends, but things have changed, for better or for worse.

Due to the countless salary cuts in families’ incomes, Thanksgiving and Christmas may not be as bountiful compared to previous years. Traditional foods bought around this time of year are already barren on the shelves of most stores, thus making it difficult for families to enjoy their holidays feasts. Not to mention, the new gaming consoles that had just recently came out are already sold out everywhere. If ordered now, one would not be able to receive it until February 2021. As well as other Christmas gifts, they’re fading fast. There’s still a bit of time before the holidays really start to kick in, but now would be a good time to start shopping.