Are We Taking Good Care of Our Environment?

Are We Taking Good Care of Our Environment?

Ella Stineman, Web Contributor

Avi Loeb posted an article on Scientific American stating“Although Earth serves as a comfortable home at the moment, we will ultimately be forced to relocate because the sun will boil off all liquid water on our planet’s surface within a billion years.” . This indicates what it sounds like- either we, as humans need to make some major changes to our lifestyle or all living things on Earth will need to find another planet to relocate to; otherwise, the whole population that lives on Earth will go into extinction.

Environmental reports have been pushing us to be more environmentally sustainable, even before climate change was a big discussion. But now if global temperatures continue to rise, climate change will be permanent within 50-250 years. This means that everyone who advocates for the environment is scrambling to make things happen, but little to nothing has changed. Many people continue to do the same actions, having no care for the environment.

One of the Environmental Club leaders, Emily Kriegl says, “While there are plenty of incredible caretakers of the planet, we also have many who outright deny the needs of the planet or who place these needs as the very last priority in decision-making.”

Kriegl believes that there are people that are extremely helpful when it comes to taking care of the environment. However, there are so many people that do not make it their first priority to help the environment. In other words, those who take care of the environment are outnumbered, making the outcome of their contributions minimal.

Rachel Carney, another leader of the Environmental Club says, “We need to actively increase our sustainability in order to take better care of our environment; but it is slow moving and we as humans are taking our comfort over what our planet needs.”

Carney feels that we as humans are taking pleasure in our own comfort over what needs to be done for the environment, but what ultimately needs to be done is care for the planet. This being the case, if we want to see results and live a comfortable life on Earth, we need to start doing things that benefit the environment before Earth ceases to exist.

Overall, instead of waiting to see the changes from others around you- be the person who does what’s right for the environment. Be the person who makes the changes.