City High Stages Walkout

Jesse Schuerer, Reporter

On Thursday, December 16th, at 11:14 AM students at Iowa City High School staged a walkout in the name of Reproductive Justice.

Photo of Lillian Waite making a speech at the City High walkout (Cory Frauenkron)

Lillian Waite is a student at City High and the main organizer of this event. She was inspired when she and a few friends attended a protest called “Show up for Roe.” 

“It showed me that people need a place to share their story with abortion, and students need to know the true facts about abortion,” said Waite.

This year alone there have been a record number of anti-abortion laws. The Guttmacher Institute, an institute that tracks anti-abortion legislation in the United States, reported that in 2021 alone there were over 100 abortion restrictions in as many as 19 states.

Image of the crowd during the City High walkout at the Pentacrest (Cory Frauenkron)

“I think it’s absolutely ridiculous,” said Violet Whiting, another student who helped organize the protest, “The Government needs to stop activity taking away women’s rights over their bodies, especially since there are so many other things that need to be fixed.”

Waite and Whiting have worked with fellow students Rachel Johnson and Alex Allton. for the past few weeks planning the walkout and protest.

After the walkout at 11:14 AM, there was a student march to the University of Iowa Pentacrest; where there was a variety of speakers including podcast RePro’s for Iowa, poster making, and an open mic. There were a total of twelve speakers including Waite and Whiting. Over 125 students attended the protest, mostly from City High.

I personally went and walked out of school to show that us students can do big things and make change,

— Emily Brown, City High student who attended the protest



With the recent legislation passed regarding reproductive healthcare in the United States, Waite is happy that they were able to make this protest happen. “It was definitely a success in my opinion; we had an amazing turnout,” Waite was inspired by “Show up for Roe” and she would like to encourage others who are passionate about something to stand up for their beliefs.