Down the rabbit hole

Makailah Meier, Reporter

As we know the band has had a very successful season this year. I’ve interviewed a few of the drum majors and asked them some questions. Drum Major, Audrey Rice, shared her experience. The first Question I had was how did the season go for you? Rice responded, ¨Personally I had a great season. I became a lot more at ease and felt more in control as the season progressed.” My second question was what do you think went well? She said, “I think our band has exceptional performances at the end of the season. There was some great growth within the group and we were certainly excelling.” My third question was: What were some of the Highlights of the season? Audrey said, “our last weekend we got one rating at state, first place at West Liberty, first at Muscatine one of my highlights was when the entire group just went to a park between the two competitions because we had a lot of free time between the two performances we got to go to an ice cream shop across the street and play yard games and just had a blast.¨ My last question was What went as planned? She responded with: “I think as an ensemble, we expected to do well from the start of the competition season. That first competition was a downer Fifth is something that is rarely seen for the Clipper marching band. But I think it motivated the band to do better.”

The second person I interviewed was Liliana Schloss while I had the same questions, the answers differed. She answered the first question with, “The season was great! Our band accomplished so many goals throughout our competitive season.¨ Lily answered my second question with, ¨I think there was an instant family connection to each other during band camp that we were able to carry throughout our season. The Tight-Knit family that we created really helped to improve our band.¨ My third question Lily answered was, ¨There always something that doesn’t go as planned when we compete at our first competition of the season where we would lose time or miss a step for the drill, but all of that is expected for the first competition.¨ I asked Schloss What the band could have done better, she responded with ¨There’s always something the marching band could have improved upon during the season weather it was learning our drill better or showing more musicality during a song.¨ My last question Schloss answered with, ¨The highlight of my season was our last competition day. We had a clean sweep at West Liberty. Best horn-line, best drumline, best color guard and first place in 3A. Then we won first place in 3A at Muscatine along with best color guard.¨