A Tee-riffic Return


Photo by Cory Frauenkron

Nathan Speers pictured mid-swing.

Shelby Moquin, Editor

The boys golf team at CCAHS is off to a tee-riffic start this spring after facing a year of challenges, obstacles, and navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. Their season started in early April, and the team coached by Chad McCarty, has been to ten meets and invitationals so far. But as of Monday May 3rd, 2020, the boys golf team are now WaMac West Divisions Champions! This is the first golf title in CCAHS history and the second conference title as well. 

Senior, Ryan Navara, is disappointed for this to be his last year on the team, especially since he got snubbed of his junior season due to the pandemic. “[Having] No season last year hurt because there wasn’t a chance to create some of the chemistry between teammates I would’ve been playing with, but I think we’ve handled it really well,” said Navara. 

Navara however, took the time during the pandemic to recover from an injury which prevented him from playing golf this past year. Now recovered, Navara is ready to be back on the course. “I think the game of golf has helped grow my mental strength in ways that go unseen. Golf is a game you need your head in and is one of the most mentally challenging and I think it’s taught me a lot.”

Navara’s teammate, Jordan Krauss, another CCAHS senior, also commented on how mentally demanding golf is as a sport. 

I feel like being on the golf team has helped me stay humble and focus a lot more. Golf is a very mentally challenging sport, and once you get too excited or you get too mad at yourself, your scores will be worse. I have to focus on one shot at a time, and once I get excited or mad, it’s over.

— Jordan Krauss

Krauss played on the varsity golf team during his freshman year at CCAHS. “Playing Varsity golf as a freshman was definitely cool, but I am playing better golf this year than I ever have,” explained Krauss. “I do think that this is the best golf team that I have been a part of, and I think we have a good shot at doing well in the postseason which would be the best accomplishment.”

Both Navara and Krauss will be graduating in May along with the rest of the Class of 2021. “I’m sad to leave behind just going out to the course after school and playing golf with my friends,” Navara stated, “it seems like something so small but is so fun to just go have fun and play golf and grow as a team and get better.”