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March 30, 2021

Many have suggested that the United States should consider what other countries have tried and build upon their ideas. For example, our neighboring country, Canada, has a ban on high capacity magazines and restricts certain types of guns that may be too powerful for the use of the public. 

In Japan, they have a very high restriction on guns. Along with this, they have one of the lowest gun deaths in the world. With only certain types of guns being permitted, to obtain a gun you would need a special grant which takes rigorous testing to acquire. 

After a deadly mass shooting in Australia, the government pushed for more gun control laws. Some of these laws restricted specific types of guns that may be too dangerous for the public. This includes some restrictions on handguns. 

As demonstrated by other countries, it seems that gun control laws can be effective. Though many in the United States believe it is not worth losing our right to bear arms. With this argument still being debated to this day in America, millions wonder if this problem will ever be resolved. 


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