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March 30, 2021

Some pro-gun controlists have claimed that presenting a gun only escalates the situation. Self-defense by using a gun against an intruder has rarely been successful many have stated. In some cases, it results in harming another victim in the situation. Some prefer to handle the situation without the use of a weapon. An example of ways people would rather manage a criminal is by screaming, shouting, running away, and or fitting with their fists. Most often, many prefer to do nothing and not risk endangering themselves more.

Among many who felt very passionately about this subject, student Alexandra Mcmorran voices, “Gun control needs to be in place so situations like what happened at the capital are at least less of a risk. If those people were to have come in with no guns they wouldn’t have been such a concern considering they wouldn’t be able to hurt so many people so quickly like you can with guns.”

Another student named Audrey Myers stated, “More gun control is fewer guns and gun availability which would prevent a fair amount of deaths. I get hunting rifles and handguns but anything else seems like too much for the public. I’ve used a gun before in a firing range and just generally didn’t enjoy it. I felt in danger by holding it knowing it could accidentally fire or be grabbed out of my hands and used against me.”

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