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March 30, 2021

A researcher for Statista discovered in 2017, around 15 million citizens went hunting that year in the U.S alone (“Topic: Hunting & Wildlife Viewing”). With so many individuals participating in the activity, many find it egregious that there might be a law that would take away their right to own a firearm. Some find it respectable to ban certain types of weapons that could only be used to harm the public. Other gun rights activists believe the public should have access to all types of firearms; asserting that many hunters spend millions of dollars on ammunition, guns, and more hunter equipment. Some believe taking away guns or even specific types of guns is putting a damper on hunting and shooting for sport. 

One student who believes there should be a specific ban on types of firearms spoke out about it.“Owning a firearm is a Constitutionally protected right. Unless someone has shown they are not safe to own a weapon (criminal background, mental instability, etc.), a person’s rights should not be infringed upon. It is reasonable and prudent to do background checks (which already occur) to ensure that someone is safe to own a firearm. No types of weapons should be restricted except for fully automatic weapons (AR-style weapons are not fully automatic; they are semi-automatic). There are many reasonable and lawful reasons to own a firearm including self-protection, hunting, and sport (target shooting).” – Chad Streit 

I believe that it is your right to own guns. The government should not take away AR-15’s. I think this way for a few reasons. The first reason is to protect your home and yourself. The second is hunting, I believe that it is your god-given right to hunt. The third is to protect yourself and others from a tyrannical government.

— Alexander Miller

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