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March 30, 2021

One gun control argument that has been disagreed upon for many years is the minimum age restriction to purchasing a gun in the United States. Currently, the minimum age for purchasing a handgun is set at twenty-one; for long guns, you must be eighteen or older to buy. Restrictions vary depending on the area, license, and use.

 Numerous Pro-gun controlists support the idea of raising the minimum age to only twenty-one. While countless other anti-gun activists are backing up the idea of lowering the age limit for all guns down to eighteen or sixteen years of age.

An argument many anti-gun controlists offer up is the fact that by eighteen years of age you have the option of serving the military, why shouldn’t they be able to purchase a firearm? If they are old enough to defend this nation, then why are they limited to protecting themselves?

“Everyone should be able to purchase a gun. Everyone should also be able to carry a gun with a permit but lower the permitted age to sixteen. You should also be allowed with a permit to be able to carry on school or stadium grounds,” Cody Wetjen, a CCA High School student stated. 

I think that there should be a more thorough background check before you can purchase a firearm. We should (also) raise the age of when you can buy a firearm.

— Kathe Nelson

Other individuals have opposing views. Several pro-gun controlists believe guns should only be handled by older adults, those with no underlying mental health conditions, or people with criminal backgrounds. By keeping firearms out of reach from children, the mentally unstable, and criminals, millions believe this will lower the number of deaths due to gun injuries.

Isabella Hetrick expressed, “My thoughts are, the harder it is to get a gun, the less likely a kid will get a hold of one. With the whole arming teachers’ thing, now the gun is in an area that a kid could easily get to.”

Another student by the name of Miranda Heeran voiced their opinion by saying, “We need gun control so guns don’t fall into the wrong hands. I’m not saying we should take guns away, just prevent shootings from happening by doing better background checks.”


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