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March 30, 2021

While many feel outraged at the thought that their firearms might be taken away, others are convinced that passing gun control laws won’t even work. Before we get into their reasoning, let’s review why The United States is looking into instituting it. 

There is no question that guns are dangerous and can do much harm. So when ending up in the wrong hands, it can be devastating. By passing gun control laws, it is put in place to try and keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of children, people with criminal records, and those who plan on using them to harm others or themselves. To mention a couple of these laws, there would be more thorough background checks to look into criminal records, wait time to prevent impulsive decisions, and banning different types of guns like AR-15 style weapons. 

  Some anti-gun controlists argue that establishing these laws won’t decrease gun-related deaths or crimes. By having more individuals own a firearm, many believe this will reduce crimes by discouraging offenders. To others, taking guns away would be like inciting more lawlessness.

“I think people have the right to have guns and I think the perception of guns has been misconstrued and false information has been shared. Some say that certain types of guns are unnecessary or that they are more deadly than others. It has been said before that ‘criminals are criminals and will find a way to get guns illegally, meanwhile, if you take guns from people that own them rightfully, then you are favoring the criminals.’ I have not done much research into gun control, but if I had to pick a side of ‘is it the person or the gun that does the killing..’, I would say that it is the person that kills people. So I do think more thorough background checks are needed so we keep guns in the hands of mentally stable,” CCA student Alivia Pettit expressed. 

Another student by the name of Kale Locklear voiced his opinion by stating, “No matter how much gun control is put into place by the ATF, there are always going to be loopholes and ways to illegally get firearms. There are plenty of guns in the streets that are stolen or ‘ghost guns’ which means it is a working firearm but on paper, it never existed so no ballistic records are present and it is the perfect firearm to commit crimes.”

Some also believe gun control laws will give the government and law enforcement officers too much power. Thousands have claimed that the right to bear arms was to protect yourself from the power-hungry government. By also having the equipment to defend yourself, it gives the citizens power as well. This way, if government tyranny ever befalls the United States of America, the people can fight back and defend the country. Gun rights activists have stated that this was the purpose behind the Second Amendment created by James Madison. To be able to free the public of a tyrannical government if it ever came to that in the United States. 

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