“Music is my life and my passion”

Shelby Moquin, Editor

There’s a lot of hidden gems within the CCA school district. From sensational athletes to straight A students, there is no doubt the district has tremendous talent. Inside of the walls of the High School, a student pursues her passion for music, theatre, and speech. Meet Audrey Bell. 

My passion’s music. All aspects. I’ve done choir since 4th grade and am completely passionate about it. I did orchestra in 5th and 6th grade (before moving to CCA) and still love it,” commented Bell. “I’ve done band since 6th grade and continue to grow even more passionate about it (continuing to learn new instruments and exploring different styles). I’ve done theatre since 7th grade and still feel passionate. Music is my life and my passion.” 

Besides her serious commitment to music, Bell also likes the subject math. She enjoys that there are rules and equations and that she always can find an answer. She says that it’s the subject that “makes the most sense to me and makes me feel the proudest when I do well”. Outside of school you can always find her practicing, either her flute or her lines for the Poetry Out Loud Competition, which Bell recently qualified for the state finals. 

“I think that something I’m proud of is the fact that I have created and maintained an acting program for kids and teens so that they can continue exploring what they love to do during this interesting time,” explained Bell.

“The second thing that came to mind was something that happened quite recently- my musical theatre group getting an All-State nomination. Considering that I’m a sophomore, it was a big deal for me and is something that makes me super proud. The six of us had all put in so much effort and time, so it was nice to see that hard work pay off.”

Bell’s mother was also a musician throughout high school and middle school and provides her with advice when she needs it most. “I see how she’s strong and has made it through the tough times. I see how she puts energy and effort into everything she does, especially her family and her photography business.” 

Bell mentioned that she had a difficult time finding friends when she first came to CCA.

But now, Bell’s friends are also her great supporters. She says they are also there for her when she fails and as well as proud of her when she accomplishes her goals. A majority of her friends will be graduating this spring. “You finally have those people who you’ve connected with, through what you both love to do and just in general, and then it hits you that they’re getting close to leaving,” said Bell. “Everyone gets so close in band because it’s something that we all love doing and put a whole bunch of effort into.”

As in regards to her future plans after high school, the current sophomore would like to study music and become a music teacher. “I’ve always thought about how neat it would be to be a teacher, and how I would do well at it, but it wasn’t until recently when it really hit me how that was something that I wanted to do,” expressed Bell.

“I’ve discussed it with some of my teachers, and although it would be extremely difficult, it’s a risk that I want to take. Music is something that I’m extremely passionate about, and I want to pass on that passion to students in the future.”