Abby Detert


Taylor Dolezal , Reporter

Abby Detert is a current reporter working for the schools newspaper, The Anchor.  She’s a 14-year-old freshman that switched over to publications after taking journalism the first semester.  Abby talked about a few ways she spent her spare time, including reading, writing, drawing, and watching TV.  She describes herself as passionate, sarcastic, and pessimistic.  

She eventually wants to pursue a career in writing or potentially something in psychology!  Abby resides in Tiffin Iowa with her parents Angie and Kieth, including her older sister Brean who is a Junior at CCA.  Although she does have two older half siblings Maddie and Austin.  

Throughout all of the chaos over the past year, it appears that Abby found a few ways to keep her motivated during these times.  She typically thinks about how she’ll feel accomplished after finishing a task or piece of work.  She claims to have been a bit stressed or overwhelmed but she’s still a much needed crew member for The Anchor.