Pep Band in a Pandemic


Stephanie Williamson

Pep Band members pictured.

Gabrielle Monette Lewis , Journalism Student

Even with the masks up, the show must go on for the Clear Creek Amana Pep Band. During this terrible time it is hard for all of us to cope with the different ways school is set up; but let’s talk about the CCA Pep Band.

This group is completely voluntary, anybody in band whichever group you are in can join. Before school started there were many doubts that we wouldn’t have a Pep Band. How will they stay socially distanced? What about their masks? These were questions running through the director’s head, then came the first practice.

We learned how everything will be set up and how things are going to work, from there it was a smooth ride. “Being my first year in high school and in pep band it was a little weird with everything set up but I do love that we are continuing strong,” said Gabby M, 9th grade. “We only practice 2 days a week for 1 hour and 30 minutes. It gets very cold but nobody complains.”

Most people may think we stay serious the whole time but it is the complete opposite. Pep Band is an open and fun environment where everybody can be themselves and Mr. Smith makes sure of it.

“I think things are going very well.  The students took on this new challenge and learned a lot of new music in a short period of time.  In the future I hope we can incorporate some of the things we are doing this year into our normal season,”  said John Smith CCA Band Director.

In conclusion, we have worked very hard to keep things going and I hope we can grow bigger and better. Once things start to dwindle with Covid, we hope to expand and do even more without restrictions.