“Just like socks”


Dilorenzo teaching his Earth Science class.

Shelby Moquin, Editor

There are many myths when it comes to COVID, many Facebook moms going around and sharing posts, “A Vaccine Has Been Found!”, and colleges and universities hiding the number of cases they have. It’s hard to tell fact from fiction. But if there is one thing that has been proven time and time again, it’s that masks work. And here is your CCAHS Science Department sincerely here to tell you so. 

“Masks are not an issue,” said Jesse Dilorenzo, one of the science teachers at CCAHS, “It is just another piece of required clothing, like socks! I believe in masks.”

Teachers and staff members alike have run into problems inside and outside of the classrooms with people wearing masks and wearing them properly. 

Another science teacher, Anthony Brack commented, “100% they work….we should have been doing this sooner. Take a look at other countries that put strict early mask mandates on and look at their current COVID rates.”

Teachers’ opinions differ when it comes to if they had run into any issues while wearing masks while teaching. While Dilorenzo says, ”My mask has not impacted my teaching one bit,” Brack shares a different perspective by commenting “It has been a communication challenge.”

Students who are hard of hearing can sometimes have a difficult time understanding in person instruction because of the inability to read and see lips moving. Masks in general can muffle sound coming from a teacher when speaking to students. 

The CCAHS Science Department’s opinions are strong and have been voiced, they know the facts. Teachers Carney as well as Muhlenbruck seconded Dilorenzo’s and Brack’s statements. 

They will help save lives,” said Brack, “and we can get over this sooner if all would wear them.”