Taylor Dolezal

Taylor Dolezal , Reporter

2020 is a strange year, with many mishaps and other deformities.  We live in a modern society where you mostly rely on your computer or other devices.  With over 7 million people in the entire world, a small newspaper could mean nothing to you.  That’s not how I see it, even as a freshman. Writing has always been a huge part of my life, it was a creative outlet for me even when in difficult times.  I looked forward to being a part of the newspaper, being able to see my name in the headlines.  Or even just, “Edited by Taylor Dolezal”.  It could be the same way an athlete scores a goal or running their first home run.  On the topic of sports, I’m not all about writing. I used to figure skate and do hockey, for quite some time.  I don’t anymore, I slowly started to lose interest in playing professionally.  I see it more as a hobby now, rather than wanting to pursue a career.