Naomee (Red) Cruz


Amelia Keller, Reporter

Red is a senior at Clear Creek Amana High School, transferring in from Canton, Michigan. Being a senior during a pandemic isn’t ideal for anyone- but Red is making the most of it. 

This is the perfect time- and most important time- to relax. Her days are filled with YouTube, Dr. Phil, and video games. She’s also using this time to hang out with friends. and chatting with her boyfriend. She says her boyfriend’s family is like a second family to her, supporting her through thick and thin. Red dubbed herself “a mix between introverted and extroverted.” 

Red also has a strong moral compass, citing her least favorite people as “homophobes, racists, ignorant people, and drunk drivers,” and saying she shares many of her traits with her family. These traits include her despising of Donald Trump and her love of metal and horror. 

Red is a family-focused, music loving, YouTube watching, video game playing young woman taking CCA by storm.