Amelia Keller


Shelby Moquin, Editor

As a senior, you want your last to be as memorable as possible, and Amelia Keller’s last year at CCAHS will fall nothing short of that. With a global pandemic going on and virtual classes; there is so much change going on around the world and we often find ourselves lost and forgetting the little things. Come along with us as we get to know more about The Anchor’s very own Amelia Keller and recount some of her favorite memories. 

“[One memory I will always cherish is] the Uber ride from Charles de Gaulle Airport to our hotel in the 7th Arrondissement where I got to see so much of Paris,” said Keller. “That was the first time I saw the Eiffel Tower.”

Keller loves to travel and has been to France, Montana, South Carolina and dozens of other U.S states. 

“I loved Nice, France. The Mediterranean geography is gorgeous,” commented Keller. “My grandmother lived there as a child and I got to go with her so it was great to see her old house and their favorite restaurant that was still around from when she lived there in the 50s/60s.”

Besides traveling, Keller is also a dedicated cheerleader for CCAHS.  Keller was also a competitive cheerleader outside of the school for many years. She is planning on going to North Dakota State University and is looking forward to the experience in the fall of 2021. She is very proud of how far she has come. 

“One of my favorite  childhood memories is probably going to cheer camp,” said Keller. “I enjoyed it so much because I love the sport AND because I got to spend the week at my grandmother’s house.”

Outside of school and cheerleading, Keller has two younger siblings and works at her father’s restaurant. She loves coffee and her dog Dottie, muted/pastel colors, dislikes loud chewers, and is excited to see what this year in newspaper holds!