The best ice cream flavor

Raelee Day, Reporter

What is the best ice cream flavor? I interviewed 4 people and sent out a google form asking people their favorite ice cream flavors and some additional questions. From the google form, 55% of people that answered were students and the other 45% were teachers. The first question was “What is your favorite flower of ice cream?”. The top 5 flavors were mint chocolate chip, Cookie dough, Vanilla, cookies and cream, and chocolate.

The third question was, ¨how many times do you eat ice cream a month?”. Most people eat ice cream 1-3 times a month. The final question was, ¨When was the first time you ate ice cream?¨

Most people are between 1-3 years old the first them they eat ice cream. I interviewed Charlotte Edmunds and asked her the same questions. Her favorite ice cream flavor was mint chocolate chip, then I ask where do you buy your ice cream from? And she said Hyvee. Then I asked, “how many times a month do you eat ice cream?” Charlotte’s response was “how many days are in the month, probably twice a week.¨ Then the final question for Charlotte was “when was the first time you ate ice cream?” And her response was “When I was like four.”