“It was an honor and a privilege to be the superintendent”


Isabelle Moony

Photo of interim super intendent Joe Brown, a former Iowa senator

Isabelle Mooney, Reporter and Photo Editor

CCA is in the midst of electing a new superintendent, which means Joe Brown’s role as the interim superintendent is coming to a close. Brown saw interest in the job and had an interview in July,  was accepted the same day and officially brought into the role in August 2021, and has been pursuing the role as superintendent since then.

Brown was very active in the Clipper community, eagerly going to sporting and fine art events. Brown actively went to events and mentioned that he was always proud of not only the teams, but also the student section, and how cheerful, and supportive they always were. 

Along with being impressed with Clear Creeks sports, Brown was incredibly amazed at how the student body treats the school. “Looking down the halls, there was no trash, or pop cans, or any grifiti”. Brown hopes that Clear Creek continues to be the best it can.

Brown would like to be remembered as a superintendent that cared about not only the district, but the students, staff, and buildings individually. Brown’s future plans are on , but he wants to continue making schools the best they can be. 

Brown hopes to be remembered as “some one is very visible, had fun, was easy to talk to and listen, took notes

Joe Brown allowed Mrs. Rice’s newspaper class to ask him some questions. (Isabelle Mooney)