New year, new attitude

New year, new attitude

Isabelle Mooney, Reporter

Every year students come bursting through the school doors, escaping the cool autumn breeze, wearing soft hoodies, trudging along the hallway listening to the clanking lockers. Last year that was different, now that this year is going back together, let’s see how students are feeling. 

The Anchor surveyed students and the data showed an overwhelming amount of students were glad to be back in school this year. Freshman Ava Weatherford, who was virtual full-time last year, is “glad to see friends at school again, and to come back to a ‘normal’ school year.” Weatherford isn’t the only student who was glad to be back at school, over 60 percent of students were excited to come back to school. Weatherford does have her doubts; she is worried that Covid is going to get out of hand at CCAHS. Time will continue to tell whether Weatherford’s concerns will play out as currently the numbers are rising. 

Over 50 percent of students surveyed said that they’re glad they do not have to wear a mask and social distance anymore; alternatively, some other students were worried about coming back to school full time without any Covid precautions. Many students like having hybrid learning and want it back; other students would like the option of online classes if they have to miss school for a longer period of time, so they don’t get behind on school. 

Seniors, juniors, and sophomores are glad to get back to a normal high school routine; but there’s lots of them that wish to have shorter class periods, smaller classes, and hybrid learning. One thing junior August Crosby would change is accessible virtual learning, “I know some people who have gotten covid and have been so far behind in their learning because of quarantine.” 

Sophomore Abby Detert, who along with lots of others, wish for shorter class periods, so they can pour their full attention into class. “I’m not paying full attention compared to shorter classes when I payed attention the whole time.”  

Despite the challenges, most students were glad to come back to school. “I feel very lucky to have somewhat of a normal year back for my senior year,” says senior Kylee Vice. Vice felt glad to have normal classes, and not to be divided by a screen. 

Students were ecstatic to come back to school to see friends, teachers, and to get back into a normal routine. Let’s hope that the excitement withholds throughout the year.