Isabelle Mooney


Holly Adams, Reporter

Izzy Mooney is a freshman and picked publications as a class because she loves writing. Mooney also finds journalism interesting. There are many things that Mooney is passionate about;  few of those include creativity, hoodies, traveling, and most importantly, social justice. There is one embarrassing moment that Mooney believes we all can relate to. She had forgotten her Chromebook on the first day of school, a day when she really needed it. If there was one thing that Mooney has wondered or thinks about the most it would be why people make the choices that they do. From the opinion of Mooney,something that everyone needs to try, no matter what, is ziplining. Mooney likes to zipline and wants people to experience what she did. Mooney lives in Amana. The next subject hit Mooney a little differently. Mooney stated that she looks up to her sister because she is proud of her and she has always been there. Some fun hobbies Mooney would like to share include reading a lot, drawing and riding her bike even though it can be boring sometimes. If you are looking for a movie or tv show to watch, Mooney has two that she highly recommends. One being the show Superstore and a movie she insists everyone try, The Da Vinci Code. Mooney is a kind and loving person. The newspaper is lucky to have her on the team.