Harper Tecklenburg


Anisa Rachman, Editor

Freshman Harper Tecklenburg is one of our newest reporters for The Anchor. After wanting to do something a little more different than the usual traditional classes, she joined our publications class to be more creative and involved. Tecklenburg also has a bit of experience in journalism, starting journalism back in middle school as an elective for the CCA News.
Tecklenburg also loves listening to music and watching movies. In the last couple of months, she has moved from North Liberty to Tiffin. Tecklenburg plays many sports for CCA, including track, cross country, and basketball. While she doesn’t have a clear picture of a future career, she knows that a job where she can be creative is a good fit for her.
Tecklenburg stated that both of her parents have inspired her and have shaped who she is today.
“I’m a lot like my dad with interests and personality… but my mom is also super hardworking. They both have good traits.”